Citric Acid CAS77-92-9

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Citric acid is the intermediate product of the plants of a natural composition and physiological metabolism, is also one of the organic acids widely used in the field of food, medicine, chemical industry. It is colorless transparent or translucent crystal, or granular, particle powder, odorless, although has strong sour, but a pleasant, slightly astringent taste. In the warm air gradually disintegrate, in the humid air, it is slight deliquescence.

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Food industry

Citric acid is known as the first edible sour agent, China GB2760-1996 is requirements for allowing the use of food acidity regulator. In food industry widely used as sour agent, solubilizer, buffering agent, antioxidant, removing fishy smell removing sweetening agent, chelating agent, its specific purpose, numerous enumeration.
1. drinks
According to domestic and international statistics, the total consumption of the beverage industry account for 75%~80% of the total citric acid production. Citric acid juice is one of the natural ingredients, not only give the fruit flavor, but also solubilization buffer, antioxidant effect, the drink sugar, flavor, pigment and other ingredients blend of coordination, formation of harmonic taste and aroma, can increase resistance the antiseptic effect of microorganisms.
2. jam and jelly
The role of citric acid in jams and jellies and in beverage is similar, regulating pH and to give the product sour, pH must be adjusted to the most suitable for pectin condensation of very narrow range. According to different types of the pectin, it can limit pH between 3.0 and 3.4. In the production of jam it can be improved flavor and prevent crystallization of sucrose sand defects.
3. candy
Citric acid is added to the candy ,which can increase the acidity and prevent the oxidation of various components and sucrose crystallization. General sour candy contains 2% citric acid. Boiled sugar, the massecuite cooling process is to put acid and pigment, essence, joined together. Pectin candy production of citric acid can regulate sour taste and gel strength increased. Anhydrous citric acid is used for chewing gum and powder food.
4. frozen food
Citric acid has the characteristics of chelating and regulating pH, can strengthen the role of antioxidants and enzyme inactivation, can more reliably ensure the stability of frozen food.

5. Pharmaceutical industry
Effervescent is popular oral drug ingredients release system, citric acid and sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate solution common reaction produce large quantities of CO2 (i.e. effervescent) and sodium citrate, can quickly dissolve and enhance the ability to taste the active pharmaceutical ingredient. For example, the cathartic and painkillers increase dissolution. Citric acid syrup is fever patients with soft drinks, flavoring, cool and detoxification effect.
Citric acid is widely used in a variety of nutrient oral liquid, buffer pH is 3.5~4.5, maintaining the stability of the active ingredient, strengthen the preservative effect. Combined with citric acid and fruit flavor, give people like sweet sour taste to conceal the drugs of bitter, especially traditional Chinese medicine preparation, 0.02% of citric acid is added in the liquid ingredients, which can trace iron and copper complex formation, delaying the degradation of active ingredient. In the mouth chewing tablets by 0.1%~0.2% citric acid tablets can improve the flavor, lemon flavor.

Appearance Colorless or white crystal Colorless or white crystal
Identification Complies with the limit Test Conforms
Clarity&Colour of Solution Pass test Pass test
Purity 99.5~101.0% 99.94%
Moisture < 1.0% 0.14%
Sulphated Ash ≤0.05% 0.01%
Sulphate ≤150ppm <150ppm
Oxalic acid ≤100ppm <100ppm
Heavy Metals ≤5ppm <5ppm
Readily Carbonisable Substance Pass test Pass test
Bacterial Endotoxin <0.5IU/mg <0.5IU/mg
Aluminium ≤0.2ppm <0.2ppm
Lead ≤0.5ppm <0.5ppm
Arsenic ≤1ppm < 1ppm
Mercury ≤1ppm < 1ppm
Mesh 30-100MESH Conforms

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